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Documents, presentations, photos and other files that you need to distribute can easily exceed 3 MB in size. When it comes to sending the file to a customer or colleague you can:

  • burn a CD and use a courier service to deliver your files

  • find some server space and try to teach the recipient on how to use FTP.

  • attempt to send the file with email anyway but discover it really does not work with big files

  • try to convince your IT department to open special ports for a Peer-to-Peer program

  • use a web based file transfer service, but loose the connection to them half way through your transfer and start from scratch

  • OR... you could just use SonicFile to save time and money!

SonicFile was built to help you to send large files electronically to your recipients without the hassles of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or the limitations of normal E-mail. With SonicFile expensive courier costs, time delays and frustration is something of the past.

How does it work?

Have you ever heard about download accelerators?

Download accelerators are programs that speed up file downloads from the Internet by opening multiple simultaneous connections to a server and download various segments of a file at the same time.

This is how our file transfer acceleration works. SonicFile use the same principle but we use it to send and receive files.
(The animation on the right demonstrate the technology)

When you send files with SonicFile, all the files you specify will be compressed into a single package that will be securely transmitted with multiple connections to a storage facility on the Internet. Once the transfer is complete, we will send an email to your contacts to notify them about the delivery and instructions to download the files from our storage server.

Recipients can download the files you sent directly from their browser or if they have SonicFile software installed the download client can retrieve the files quickly with it's built-in acceleration technology.

What makes SonicFile better?

SonicFile supersedes all other methods of file transfers. We compiled a Comparison Chart for you to make your own judgment.


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